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March 2012 Library News

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March 2012 News

Normally at this time of year I would be talking about the cold weather, but I haven’t really seen all that much of it this year, so far at least. (Knock on wood) But March is upon us and it is time once again for Spring Break for the schools – that time when teachers try to relax a little as the rest of us are stressed and notice a huge increase in the grocery bill for that week! Do your kids get “bored” too when school is out? My kids sure do, especially my 5th grader. By Monday they will be bored enough to be complaining about it.
Well the library is hoping to help give those “bored” kids something to help fill their days! We will be open EVERY WEEK DAY that week, yes, including Monday! We will be open Monday – Friday, March 19th through March 23rd. We have special activities scheduled for each day including a movie day, a board game day and a VERY special arts and crafts project for that week! The other two days events are being kept secret for now, so you’ll just have to come in to find out what we’re up to!
To top it all off, the whole week we will be running a contest for elementary students, the winners will be announced on Friday the 23rd with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receiving prizes. So make sure the kids know, COME TO THE LIBRARY during spring break!
Any junior high or high school teens that could volunteer to help any of those days would be greatly appreciated — and remember, volunteering at the library helps when applying for college as we write letters of proof of your community service.
Make sure to check in often and watch the Prairie Star as we have new movies and books coming in all the time. We recently purchased new movies for kids all the way through rated R, all on DVD. Come find out what you’re missing!
Also – it is tax season, we have free public computers with internet access if you would like to file your taxes online, in some cases we may be able to offer assistance in completing your taxes as well.
We’re working on a way to keep our “Open” sign Open, so if it’s between 2-5 PM on Tuesday – Friday we ARE open unless there is another sign stating otherwise.
I look forward to seeing you all!

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