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As of February 23, 2012


TITLE            AUTHOR        GENRE

Summer Breeze                      Anderson, Catherine    Adult Fiction
Blow Fly                                    Cornwell, Patricia          Adult Fiction
An Accidental Woman       Delinsky, Barbara           Adult Fiction
The Summer I Dared          Delinsky, Barbara           Adult Fiction
Silver Nights                          Feather, Jane                   Adult Fiction
Summer Island                     Hannah, Kristin               Adult Fiction
Secrets to the Grave           Hoag, Tami                       Adult Fiction
Under The Dome                  King, Stephen                  Adult Fiction
Serendipity                            Michaels, Fern                Adult Fiction
The Postcard Killers           Patterson, James           Adult Fiction
Night Prey                              Sandford, John               Adult Fiction
The Guy Not Taken             Weiner, Jennifer            Adult Fiction

Her Abundant Joy              Cote, Lyn                           Christian Fiction
Her Inheritance Forever  Cote, Lyn                          Christian Fiction
Between Sundays                 Kingsbury, Karen          Christian Fiction

That’s the One                       Ashley, Bernard              Juvenile Fiction
Ed’s Egg                                   Bedford, David                 Juvenile Fiction
Snip Snap Croc                     Castle, Caroline               Juvenile Fiction
How To Catch A Falling Star  Howarth, Heidi & Daniel    Juv Fiction
The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper  Howarth, Heidi & Daniel    Juv Fiction
Gus Goes To School           Petty, Kate                         Juvenile Fiction
Daisy Dinosaur Gets Lost Smallman, Steve             Juvenile Fiction
The Wishing Stone              Smallman, Steve             Juvenile Fiction
Farmer Boy                           Wilder, Laura Ingalls     Juv Fiction
Little House in the Big Woods Wilder, Laura Ingalls    Juv Fiction
Little House on the Prairie       Wilder, Laura Ingalls    Juv Fiction

Imperfect Justice, Prosecuting Casey Anthony  Ashton,Jeff      Non-Fiction
The Bigger Book of John Deere                                   Macmillan, Don Non-Fiction
Don’t Look Behind You                                                  Rule, Ann        Non-Fiction
Half-Broke Horses                                                            Walls, Jeannette  Non-Fiction
The Glass Castle                                                                 Walls, Jeannette    Non-Fiction

Outlaws                                                     Bagdon, Paul               Western, Large Print
Soldier’s Farewell                                  Boggs, Johnny D.      Western, Large Print
Welcome, Suckers                               Buchanan, James       Western, Large Print
The White Feather                               Farrell, Cliff                  Western, Large Print
Rhino Ranch                                          McMurtry, Larry       Western, Large Print
Gunplay Valley                                    Overholser, Wayne    Western, Large Print
Blue-Eyed Devil                                   Parker, Robert B         Western, Large Print

Fatal Charm                                           Singleton, Linda Joy Young Adult Fiction

Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton) Disney    PG
August Rush                                                               PG
Buddy                                                                            PG
Flushed Away                                                            PG
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe       PG
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer  PG
Mr. Popper’s Penguins                                           PG
Rudy                                                                              PG
The Smurfs                                                                  PG
We Are Marshall                                                       PG

The Blind Side                                                          PG-13
The Bucket List                                                        PG-13
Elektra                                                                        PG-13
The Time Traveler’s Wife                                     PG-13

Broken Arrow                                                          R
Excalibur                                                                   R
The Hills Have Eyes                                              Unrated
Love Lies Bleeding                                                 R
Boogeyman                                                               R
Midnight Movie                                                       R

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